Sounding Out with Izzy: A Grrrl’s Two Sound Cents Podcast


Leaning Into Feminine Rage with Lindsay Love (Jaws of Brooklyn) Sounding Out with Izzy: A Grrrl's Two Sound Cents Podcast

Today Izzy sits down with Lindsay Love, frontwoman of pacific northwest garage soul four-piece Jaws of Brooklyn. Topics of discussion include Lindsay's altruistic approach to creating art, the loyal community she's found amongst her bandmates, her love of Amy Winehouse, becoming a mother and walking away from music for a decade, and how the pandemic led to her ultimate decision to drop everything and return to her foremost passion: singing. ✨ MORE ABOUT JAWS OF BROOKLYN ✨Made up of fiery ringleader Lindsay Love and three core members of Seattle-based soul funk outfit Radio Raheem, Jaws of Brooklyn is a garage pop outfit that invokes the spirits of The Sonics with their fuzzy guitars and '60s chamber pop groups like the Shangri-Las with Love's catchy hooks and soulful R&B melodies. Their debut single "Fever," is out now and has garnered the band several editorial playlist placements in Billboard, Atwood Magazine, and American Songwriter. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH JAWS OF BROOKLYN  ✨Website: https://jawsofbrooklyn.comInstagram:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://izzyshutup.comInstagram: 
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Join Izzy and special guests ranging from DIY musicians to record collectors, riot grrrl archivists, DJs, zine-makers, and promoters, as they engage in open, honest, and frank conversations about navigating the music world as queer femme people. Topics of discussion include historical events like the PMRC’s censorious war against rock musicians, interviews with exciting underground artists, and enthusiastic discussions about pop legends and underground womxn in herstory!


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