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Join Izzy and special guests ranging from DIY musicians to record collectors, riot grrrl archivists, DJs, zine-makers, and promoters, as they engage in open, honest, and frank conversations about navigating the music world as queer femme people. Topics of discussion include historical events like the PMRC’s censorious war against rock musicians, interviews with exciting underground artists, and enthusiastic discussions about pop legends and underground womxn in herstory!


A Chat with Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki Sounding Out with Izzy

In today's episode, Izzy is joined by the legendary Satomi Matsuzaki, lead singer and frontwoman of the critically-acclaimed San Francisco indie outfit Deerhoof. Satomi recounts how she initially fell in love with music after discovering a Japanese pop idol group called Pink Lady, moving to San Francisco to pursue music, being a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and Deerhoof's long-running legacy in the indie world. ✨ MORE ABOUT SATOMI MATSUZAKI ✨Satomi Matsuzaki is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist best known for her long-running tenure with San Francisco indie veterans Deerhoof. Matsuzaki joined the band in 1995 while they were signed to the Olympia-based label Kill Rock Stars, and taught herself how to play bass with encouragement from her bandmates. Deerhoof's new album, Actually, You Can,  will be released via Joyful Noise on October 22nd. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH DEERHOOF ✨Website: https://deerhoof.websiteInstagram:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://izzyshutup.comInstagram:
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