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Photo by Keith Levesque

Atlantic Canyons Navigates Personal Growth on ‘See The Hue’

Last month, New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Levesque unveiled her latest EP, See The Hue, under the name Atlantic Canyons. Recorded with session musicians who Levesque met in online chatrooms, the project is a collection of creepily enchanting psalms with rippling synths on tracks like “Sorry,” and “At Sea,” as well as cavernous string-layered […]

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

Stice Unleash Absurdist Hedonism on ‘Stice’s Satyricon’

Helmed by lead vocalist and lyricist Caroline “Crab” Bennet and producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake “Jark” Lichter, digital hardcore dance punk duo Stice require no introduction. Dubbing themselves “dial-up netscape nightmare fodder” and “zolo-horrorcore for the TikTok generation,” the duo rapidly accumulated a cult following in 2019, combining the abrasive fever-dream production stylings of Machine Girl […]

Photo Credit: Miwah Lee

‘I Want the Door to Open:’ Lala Lala’s Artistic Victory Lap

Listening to the latest album by Lala Lala–the brainchild of Chicago-based indie rocker Lillie West–is like listening to a once-cynical adult reverting back to their childlike wonder and learning to play again. It’s a manic trip of bombastic synth-infused ballads that transports the listener to another dimension, with lyrics that invoke tragedy, mortality, and joy […]

KEANA Relinquishes Emotional Stagnation with “Teardrops”

If Alison Goldfrapp and Portishead conceived a baby while Björk watched, the end product would no doubt be rising dream pop virtuoso KEANA. Based in Los Angeles, KEANA is best known for her delicately fluid and imaginative universe of trip hop and electronic ambience; a crystalline dream sequence-like universe she carefully crafted as the sole […]


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